Top 5 Yoga Blogs of 2017

July 11, 2017

Top 5 Yoga Blogs of 2017

Yoga has been part of every fitness conscious person’s life since the 80’s. This discipline has branched out into many forms, but still strives for one thing – to achieve calmness and balance in your body, while still being active at the same time.

Whether you’re a yogi wanting to restart the practice or just a beginner, here are our top 5 favorite yoga blogs of 2017 (in no particular order). You’ll be surprised how the sharing and experiences can be relatable to your own experience.

1. Aim True – Kathryn Budig

    This site is your one-stop-shop for your healthy needs, from daily yoga poses to recipes you can whip up yourself. They say healthy food usually tastes bland, but Kathryn gives her readers original recipes that are delicious and works well with a yogi’s lifestyle. This blog is empowering and guides students in finding true balance.

    2. Adam Hocke Yoga

    It’s not always that you see a man engaging in yoga, but Adam Hocke nails it effortlessly. This yogi shares extensive advices for troubled beginners and even experts. His blog is a great reference especially for people just starting with yoga as he gives focus to meditation, achieving alignment and balance. Adam’s posts also come with podcasts you can listen to, that will put any yogi in the perfect mood.

    3. The Journey Junkie

    The Journey Junkie is run by Allie Flavio, and gives readers a taste of nature by bringing yoga during her travels around the world. Her blog is full of stunning photos that can motivate your yoga journey. She’s an inspiration many yogi’s look up to, from her travels to keeping yoga in check - Allie shares everything from yoga, lifestyle, and even travel tips.

    4. Gwen Laurence

    Yoga is not only for keeping your body balanced and fit, but it is also a way to cure pain and relieve body problems. Gwen Laurence is an athlete that totally understands the effects of straining your body, she shares yoga tips on how to alleviate pain, and further healing your body. She shares every healing technique be it for the shoulders, or the back. So if you’re suffering from discomfort, check out her blog and she will be able to help.

    5. Gigi Yogini

    Brigitte Kouba Neves is a hero in her very own way. This blog focuses on body positivity and aims to equip its readers with empowering thoughts. Yoga is known to be good not only for physical healing, but even for psychological terms, and this blog is a great example. Gigi Yogini will make you feel good about your life, and make you ready to take on another day in your road to being healthy.

    These top 5 yoga blogs of 2017 will be your partner in another year of yoga wellness. If you haven’t checked each one out, then you’re surely missing out on all the additional benefits you can get with yoga. If you think we missed any of your favorite yoga blogs then let us know by leaving a comment down below!

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